Services as a Foundation for Reentry

GEO Reentry Services’ non-residential reentry centers in Louisiana offer a range of essential services to help individuals on probation and parole adjust once they are released into community supervision, so they can ultimately transition into productive members of society.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

Our substance use treatment services begin with an assessment of the participant’s personal risks and needs, leading to the development of an individualized treatment plan. This is followed by the participant’s immersion in a cognitive behavioral curriculum designed to promote life balance, teach anger management, explore motivation for change and encourage the foundations of interpersonal relationships.

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Participants learn to identify early warning signs and learn how to utilize pro-social decision-making to lower the risk of relapse. Case managers work with individuals throughout the aftercare process to maintain accountability in recovery.

Moral Reconation Therapy

This systematic form of cognitive behavioral treatment features curricula and interpersonal exercises designed to increase moral reasoning, adjust antisocial thought processes, and teach decision-making skills.

Vocational and Educational Services

GEO Reentry offers access to vocational training and career technical education programs that teach marketable employment skills, including skills needed for specific jobs and industries.

Building and Maintaining Partnerships with Local Service Providers

Our non-residential reentry centers are highly involved in local community efforts and have developed many partnerships with community service providers to link program participants with these services, including: