Day Reporting Programs for Community Corrections

In recent years, Louisiana legislators passed a series of reform measures and corrections officials overhauled the way it transitioned individuals from incarceration to reentry services. Part of this reentry effort was creating day reporting centers in Louisiana communities most impacted by returning individuals. GEO Reentry operates several DRCs for the state today. The DRCs focus on delivering evidence-based programs designed to change criminal behavior and connecting participants to valuable local resources. The reform efforts are having a positive impact.

The Challenge

Some probationers and parolees are resistant to typical community supervision techniques; therefore, they chronically fail conditions of release at great cost to the community. Additionally, many individuals who are released from prison require a range of essential services to help them reintegrate back into society.

Our Approach

GEO Reentry’s day reporting centers offer multi-phase, evidence-based treatment, accountability, links to valuable local resources, and aftercare. When reentrants are referred to us, they go through an intake and assessment process for criminogenic risk. Their treatment needs are tailored to an individual behavior change plan.