About GEO Reentry Services

GEO Reentry Services is the nation’s leader in safe, secure alternatives to detention and reentry services for offenders released to community treatment and supervision. GEO Reentry works closely with public corrections officials to achieve results that enhance public safety in a cost-effective, lasting manner. Today, GEO Reentry supports correctional agencies nationwide with flexible options such as day reporting programs, residential housing and treatment, and in-custody treatment and training. GEO Reentry has an established reputation for consistent structured programs, consistent results, and measurable outcomes of recidivism reduction and community cost savings.

In Louisiana, GEO Reentry Services works closely with corrections and parole officials to provide evidence-based reentry services that lower county costs and enhance public safety. GEO Reentry has provided day reporting services in Louisiana since 2015 and is licensed in the state to provide substance abuse treatment.

GEO Reentry Services is a division of GEO Care.

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