Community Connections

At each day reporting center, an exciting and critical program called Community Connections is available to offenders. The program provides offenders access to valuable community resources that can help break down barriers to successful reentry. Community Connections helps create links to valuable long-term community resources as the offender begins to re-establish independence and citizenship.

Louisiana Community Connections

As part of Community Connections, specialists from the community visit the day reporting centers to share valuable information about food and housing, health services, education, employment, proper identification, legal support, family classes, wellness, substance abuse and more. Many offenders are not aware of the valuable and helpful community-based resources available to them, many of which are free or have reduced cost. At each center, the GEO Reentry staff stays up to date on available local services and opportunities in a resource manual available to all program participants. Community Connections is a critical element in helping offenders overcome the challenges of returning to the community by connecting them with pro-social associates and resources.