The Continuum of Care

The GEO Continuum of Care is a commitment to aligning GEO’s services to prepare offenders for successful community reintegration. This commitment involves evidence-based interventions in prison and in the community. It involves aligning services and measuring the outcomes of pre-release services, transition planning and community programming. By streamlining the delivery of services throughout an offender’s time in the criminal justice system, valuable public resources are conserved and favorable outcomes maximized, including reduced recidivism.

The GEO Continuum of Care is led by a team of experts driving evidence-based interventions at all stages of the correctional system. This team supports operations to create a seamless transition from incarceration to the community. Through this process, GEO ensures that offenders receive services to address criminogenic needs with appropriate programs and dosage.

In Louisiana, the GEO Continuum of Care begins at the Allen Correctional Center in Allen Parish County. GEO offers academic and vocational education, program activities and counseling services to the Allen Correctional Center’s inmate population as well as an extensive reentry program that is provided within one year of the offenders’ release date. The Allen Correctional Center refers many released offenders to Louisiana day reporting centers to continue reentry programming and aid their successful reintegration into the community.